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Incl: Paul Heinerman's

The ring of brodgar

EDEL records Gmbh  Nov. 2010



U.S.A. Release: 13 april 2010
By Sequoia Records

Inclusif Radio hit CHIMENGU

• Achillea: Vivir
• TYA: Lizard
• David & Steve Gordon: Champaign Currents
• Jens Gad Presents: Glass Palace
• Helene Horlyck: What Is This
• Artemisia: The Green Hour – Dream Vocal Mix

• Paul Heinerman: Chimengu                   
• Jaya Lakshmi: Radhe (Dance Version)
• David Gordon: Rain In The Sun
• Lodestone Resonator: Mobius (Caribbean Mix)
• David & Steve Gordon: Cobalt Transport
• Opera to Relax: Sun Child

Sequoia Groove's "Buddha Lounge" series is back, and along with it an exciting blend of funky tunes drenched in the silky smoothness of European lounge music. Opening with Achillea's seductive "Vivir," featuring Jens Gad's swirling ambience dancing around Luisa Fernandez's sultry Spanish vocals, the Gordon Brothers launch the listener on a breathtaking trek through a dozen mixed songs that all fall in the mid-to-uptempo range. The "Dance Mix" of Jaya Lakshmi's "Radhe" pairs her lush chant with a heavy, pulsating baseline - a sure crowd-pleaser. Then there are the lush, atmospheric pieces like David & Steve Gordon's "Cobalt Transport" and Opera To Relax's "Sun Child," which are heavy in mood and perfect for kicking back with a martini. Further filling out the roster are songs by Artemesia, TYA, Paul Heinerman and others. A great addition to the popular and high selling series!

The 7th edition of Sequoia Records' popular Buddha Lounge series is now available. No Buddha Lounge is complete without the Gordon Brothers, and on this album they have contributed with three tracks, Champaign Currents, Rain In The Sun and Cobalt Transport. The collection opens with Jens Gad/Achillea's Vivir and is followed by Tya's Lizard.

Another notable track is Paul Heinerman's masterful Chimengu, which has become a modern classic in the new age music genre. It is one of the most beloved songs on online radio channels, and is a pillar in Paul Heinerman's already impressive discography.

So yes, the 7th installment in the Buddha Lounge series is very welcome indeed!

   — BT Fasmer

NewAgeMusic.nu Best Album of 2009 Award




Released september 25th 2009

Listen here >  OASES compilation


               Interview with Paul Heinerman

NewAgeMusic.nu is proud to present an interview with one of the finest artists in     new age music: Paul Heinerman. He has just released the album Oases, which you can read our review of here. The interview was done by BT Fasmer.

BT Fasmer: Seven years have gone since the release of Private Sun. Please describe the process behind your new album, Oases. Has your approach to music changed over these last seven years?

Paul Heinerman: The similitude in approach in composing the albums Private Sun and Oases, is intuition. For me, composing a song or an album is not a systematical process. Most songs arise by intuition and associations on themes I discover in the process of composing a song.
The difference between the two albums is that Private Sun is more or like a compilation of songs I composed over a certain period and Oasis has a special theme. From the album Private Sun, I was touched most by the atmosphere created in African Forest and Spirits of India and decided to compose an album with tracks like these. Intuition is not only inspiration from within, but also a result from external influences and possibilities. In the seven years between Private Sun and Oases I started working with new studio equipment. The new possibilities andhigh quality samples have inspired me a lot.

BT: You chose to release a single from Oases, Chimengu, long before the release of the album – and it became a massive hit on web radios. This must have been an inspiration when finishing the album? How do you feel about it now?

Paul: The first result, of these new technical possibilities and inspiration from the ‘world songs’ on Private sun, was Chimengu. A combination of modern western beat, synths and Chinese (sample) vocals. It is a quite different song, compared to my work up to then. I was curious how this style would be appreciated by listeners and therefore I sent the song to several web stations, as an introduction / teaser for a new album in this style. The great success on the internet radio stations surprised and cheered me. It also convinced me that the musical integrative path I chose was not only the right one for me but listeners approved of it as well.

BT: Oases is like a musical journey to many parts of the world, from the Far East to the West and back again.  Please tell us about your inspiration for using so different cultural expressions?

Paul: During the ‘70 and ‘80 I made several journeys, to India, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia etc. I was touched by the atmosphere and local music in these countries. All this has influenced my feelings and thoughts and through that, my music. Music is a way to express yourself as an individual and besides that, musical traditions give expression to culture. I found that music, by itself finds a way and cross borders to touch people. The synths and samples gave me tools to compose musical journeys and bring cultures harmonious together.

BT: On Oases there are voice samples on the first eight tracks, while the three last are without samples and more like your “old” style. How have you worked with samples?

Paul: I presume ‘my old style’ will always be present. It is like my basic musical language. It will be there as a base line in every song even if specific styles are more prominent, like the more up-tempo beats and voice samples in Oases. These samples are from special sampling CD’s. I selected these because they pleased me and they were suitable for the ethnic concept and atmosphere of the album. I composed the music around the voices.

BT: One cannot avoid thinking of Enigma when one hears Gregorian chants and synths. Please tell us about your inspirations for Oases. Do you listen to new age music – or other genres as well?

Paul: Associations of my music with Enigma feel like a compliment, I like this music very much.My first steps on piano keys are the result of deep appreciation of the music of Elton John. As I am told, people regularly recognize his style in my play, especially in my first album Ancient World.
My musical interests are wide. I like various types and styles of music.
Major examples in past and present are: Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Vangelis, Steve Winwood, Deep Forrest, the Beatles, Kate Bush and lots of others. But I do value classical music as well, with Sjostakovitch undoubtedly as my favorite composer. And of course I listen to New Age music and appreciate in this genre Yanni and Suzanne Ciani.
A musician that inspired me specifically in respect to Oases, is Harry Gregson-Williams. Several years ago I heard his ‘All hell breaks loose’, the soundtrack for the film Spy Games. This and the other songs in the movie affected me. The western synth with world vocals were the combination I was working on as well and he created the atmosphere sphere I was looking for.

Most songs arise by intuition and associations on themes I discover in the process of composing a song.

BT: Your first two albums had much of that analogue synth sound. Will there be more of that in the future?

Paul: I am quite sure this sound will stay present in my work. Personally I am very fond of songs like Across The Ocean. Of course I like to develop as a musician and enter different musical pathways, but I expect this will continue to be alternated and interlaced with basic analogue synth sound.

BT: Your music has been used in many different settings, from boardprograms on airlines, to TV shows. Do you plan to do more of this kind of work – or will there be more albums like Oases? Or both?

As for me, both kinds of work will continue. For this specific moment I am busy to make library music again (for film, documentaries and commercials). One moment you are engaged in a lounge music song and some time later you compose a pop- or Latin song. This is very fun to do and it guarantees that you will not keep on composing in a fixed style or routine. While composing these library tracks I am concentrating on and exploring specific styles in music. In these pursuits I often find inspiration and possible combinations with my own basic musical style for new songs. So probably in the future a new album can be expected.

BT: Thank you so much, Paul, for giving us this interview. I know I speak on behalf of many new age music fans out there; keep creating great music. We love your work!


 New Paul Heinerman album in September

Fans of Paul Heinerman must note the date 25th September on the calendar. This is when his new album Oases will be released. The album is a musical journey through the oases of the world. On the album you’ll get to visit Ireland, Greece, North America, India, China and Native America.

It is seven years since Paul’s last recording, Private Sun,
was released. Tracks from this album have been among the most popular on our web radio station New Age Stars. The track Back to the Highlands has received over 1.300 “thumbs up” from our listeners. Heinerman has also been very popular on Radio Mystic; his song Chimengu was played daily one year straight. This song will be on the upcoming Oases album.

As much as we love the summer here at .nu, we can’t wait for fall to come – because this is when Oases will be released. :)

Oases is without a doubt one of this year’s most important new age music releases


Januar, 2009
                    THE NEW ALBUM !

 The new Paul Heinerman will be released at 25 September.
  The new album is a musical journey t
hrough the ‘oases’ of our world.
  It enhances a visit to countries as: Ireland, Greece, North Africa, India, China, Japan and
  Native America,
  Based on a modern groove, using synthesizer and sampling technology, it is my intention
  to bring different worlds of spiritual music together in each song.
  I wish this album to be a musical example of integration of cultures and  that it may be 
  an inspiration for people to live well together on this earth.

  I hope you will enjoy it.

                                  More information: info@paulheinerman.com


January, 2008

The song "CHIMENGU", award winner 2007
on radio Mystic, for outstanding music.